The City Resort is the 2nd unlockable resort in Go Vacation. This resort is based around a city on Kawawii, with plenty streets and activities.

"[Player name], welcome to the City Resort! Here you can find everything from leisure to motor sports! You can also explore the city on inline skates or skateboard! Or try riding Trolley Car to get around! Be sure to give it a try!" - Lily, when you enter to City Resort for the first time

Notable Places

Kawawii Memorial Park

Track & Soul Skate Park

Track & Soul Hotel

Yggdrasil Central Hotel
La Vacanza Shoppping Mall

Kawawii Super Speedway

Giant's Heel Street

Wheel Slider (Sidewinder)

Track, Soul + DJ SpacerEdit

The Sidewinder was created by the owner of the Track & Soul Hotel when Soul, the younger of the brothers, said how much fun he'd had skating down a water slide.Edit

Giant's Heel Street and the grinding course was created by Track to train when grinding. It is said to be near impossible to others.

DJ Spacer was the best friend of Track & Soul, and was a champion skater. He later taught at the school, and many pro skaters owe their lives to him. He now has his own radio show, 'DJ Spacer's Tips & Tricks' where he gives advice to amateur skaters.

Resort BallEdit

This resort's ball is a soccer ball which can be dribbled into the net to set off fireworks.


  • Cats (wandering in streets)
  • Pekin ducks (on grassy lawns)
  • Elephant (La vacanza shopping mall)
  • Lion (Kawawii gardens and near air hockey)
  • Giant Panda (on a grassy lawn near the wheel slider)
  • Sparrow (near shops)
  • Rock Doves
  • Ghost Boy
  • Extraterrestrial Visitor


  • Skateboard
  • Inline Skates

Boarding PlatformsEdit

  • Trolley Car


This resort's Pacman shape (in this case shapes) can be found near a fountain in Kawawii Memorial Park and also on a screen near the La Vacanza Shopping Mall.

Trivia Edit

  • This resort has the lowest amount of Gears.
  • This is the only resort without any form of motorized Gear.
  • This is the only resort that have restricted areas that are only accessible to certain activities.