Being the creators of Pac-Man, Namco has put some Pac-Man references in the game.

Marine Resort Edit

Merry Bay in the marine resort is shaped like Pac-Man. It also looks like a missing part of a pizza.


City Resort Edit

There are many Pac-Man references in the City Resort with other arcade Namco references.

Near the giant spaceship, there is a Pac-Man reference that actually looks like cheese.

Flowers are also arranged to look like Pac-Man. There are many locations to find them.

All four ghosts from Pac-Man are seen wrapping around the Go Vacation advertisments in a building on the edge of the city.

Along with arcade classics, Mappy and Dig Dug, you can hear rearangements of music tracks from Pac-Man and Pac-Mania within the shopping zone.

The Cherry returning in it's pixel beginnings can be found within the windows of a skyscraper and also appears on a digital ramp with Pac-Man.

In air hocey, a puckball looks like Pac-Man.