Scuba Diving is one of the many activities that are a part of Marine Resort. In this activity, you can either search for the suggested fish, or freely search for different fish at different dive sites. In Fish Search mode, you can pick different stages/levels to search in for fish. Once you find the fish, you must swim close to it or simply touch it to "get" that fish. In Free Dive mode, you unlock different dives sites as you get higher and higher (level-wise).

Dive Sites (In Order):

  • Merry Bay
  • Tidal Wave Sea
  • Rocky Ridge Cove
  • Mystery Sea

In the top right corner of the activity screen, you will see 3 icons. The first icon is your fish log book. Click on it, and there will be a whole bunch of panels and pages you can flip through. Once you take a picture of a creature, it gets added to your log book. There, you can click on the creatures you found and learn more about them.

Once you get higher levels, you can go deeper without losing as much breath. Each dive site gets bigger and bigger every time you unlock a new one.